ERVPS submit two new objections to revised plans – 20/02/23

When ERVPS was created some eighteen months ago, we knew it was not going to be a short process and the fight to ‘Keep Wash Water Rural’ was not going to be easy.

We last updated you in October and November of last year, with news that the developers had changed their application with a slight reduction on homes but ultimately, continued lip service for this unwelcome application.

Since then, committee members of the ERVPS have been monitoring the situation closely, reading all newly published comments and documents, acting where possible. We have been active in contacting Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council for updates and raising questions in relation to submitted documents and needless to say, the response has been very poor, in some cases, we have had no reply at all.

In January 2023, ERVPS submitted two further objections letters based on our review of the updated application and other submissions that had been made by consultees such as West Berkshire Council and the Environment Agency.

Our first of two letters, dated 4th January 2023, focused around the lack of any evidence that a sequential test has been carried out; to read this submission please Click here.

We then also submitted a further objection based on the flood events which happened on 14th January 2023. This submission detailed that flood event, an event which the developers would make you believe was a 1 in 100 year scenario…..when we all know the truth. To read this latest submission frrom ERVPS, dated 25th January 2023, please Click here.

We remain vigilant and we monitor the BDBC planning portal for any updates, but it seems that there is little else to report to you now and we will be in contact as soon as there is any progress.

The Committee | ERVPS