Otters sighted in the River Enborne

A local resident of Enborne Row, directly on the boundary of the proposed Watermill Bridge, has been monitoring the river in recent weeks for signs of Otter life. We are delighted to show you some activity from a few days ago.

Otters are strictly protected by Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. Otters require clean rivers with an abundant, varied supply of food and plenty of bank-side vegetation offering secluded sites for their holts. Riversides often lack the appropriate cover for otters to lie up during the day. Such areas can be made more attractive to otters by establishing “otter havens,” where river banks are planted-up and kept free from human disturbance.

The proposed development at Common Farm is exactly the ‘human disturbance’ and disruption to this beauty part of countryside that will destroy the habitat and these otters will be no more!

Two otters in the river Enborne, 30/01/2022