Early concept of ERVPS

Details of how Keep Wash Water Rural becomes the Enborne River Valley Preservation Society:

We now have a plethora of information and potential points of objection. We are also blessed that within the committee and within the current signed up members, we have professionals such as geologist and members who are experienced in submitting and objecting to planning application. We have also made contact with the Highways Agency, Environmental Agency, politicians and we have even had quite unequivocal support from Lord Carnarvon. However, one thing that is obvious is that all of our objections and points raised will be done so as residents, regardless of said residents’ professional background.

One of our meetings with two members of the CPRE was most useful. The CPRE were originally known as the ‘Campaign to Protect Rural England’ but have since developed and are more commonly known as ‘The Countryside Charity’. Here is a link to their website https://www.cpre.org.uk/. It was the CPRE who were very supportive of our position and offered good advice and helpful introductions to other sources of help for which we are most grateful.

As a result the committee have decided a natural step for us will be to employ a planning expert, a professional within the field to help us properly scrutinise the planning application when submitted and assemble our information to maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

The planning expert that we have engaged is recommended by CPRE Hampshire and has helped CPRE Hampshire and residents to successfully object to the incinerator proposed for the Test Valley.

This step towards contracting a professional will make a significant change to our funding requirements as well as leading the path to a new outlook for KWWR.

We introduce The Enborne River Valley Preservation Society (ERVPS).

This is the name of our proposed Community Interest Company. This will make us an official entity as we will now move forward to handling money and paying bills. The nature of a CIC is non profit and this official level will help us achieve maximum reach for the greatest impact not only to the fight against Watermill Bridge but any other inappropriate development that may be proposed in the future. All funds raised will only be used for the benefit of the environment, biodiversity and the well-being of the Enborne River Catchment.