Flood risk and flood plains remain a key point of interest

As discussed within our residents meeting, the issue of flooding and the perceived flood risk moving forward, seems to be most talked about objection. It was also clear from their presentation that Bewley pretend to be fully aware of the flood mapping and they have plans in place to counteract and dare I say, they believe they will actually reduce the flood risk.

The committee have spoken with many professionals around this topic. The data within the Environmental Agency is the most referred to by councils and planning departments in relation to flood mapping and potential risks for future flood events in association with applications.

The EA have a lot of information easily accessible online…. take a look: https://check-long-term-flood-risk.service.gov.uk. Search using postcode RG20 0LS.

On the 4th October an update appeared on the Bewley Homes website for the development. This update was based around flooding and hydrology.

Here is a copy of that update: https://www.watermillbridge.co.uk/downloads/Watermill_Bridge_Non-Technical_Summary_Flooding_Note.pdf

The ERVPS committee believes that the initial application was potentially not submitted in September as originally suggested by Bewley Homes on the basis that some of their flood modelling is being changed, or certainly being updated, perhaps as a result of feedback during their consultations.